let’s talk about me for a second

i went through this fucking blog and saved selfies i posted

so here are some

and here’s me now

good day

what the fuck


i got hot since the last time i was on this blog

"i know that for every rainbow-flag-toting teenager there are probably tens of thousands of others hiding in the closet, begging for someone to see them… to save them. THAT is what makes me, with my nasal, grating, overly chatty, possibly boring but always fabulous "gay voice," want to shout and sing and talk more and more and more." ‒ gavin creel

sometimes i’m like hello i’m gonna log into this blog that still says i’m 16 when i’m gonna be 18 in less than two months

aw look, heather's going to whine, whine, whine all night
Anonymous: What was your seating for Newsies? Did the overhanging mezzanine block your view at all?

lmao i haven’t been on this blog in ages but i’m gonna answer this anyway

i saw newsies like six thousand years ago but yes it did bc my orchestra seat was a little further towards the back so when they were on top of their set, and it moved forward like in carrying the banner i couldn’t see the boys on the top

"My mother’s values are good because she’s a good woman — probably the closest thing I know to a perfect human being. I guess I’m biased."

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he looks so pleased

"oh look. look at this apple. it me"

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